The e-commerce market in South Korea

The e-commerce market in South Korea, South Korea and Australia to strengthen cooperation in the field of e-commerce.

South Korea
South Korea

Domestic e-commerce sales reached $104.1 billion last year, up 19.5 percent from the year before, according to the report by the Korea Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and Startups, and based on data from market researcher eMarketer.

China topped the list of global e-commerce markets with $2.8 trillion, followed by the United States with $709.8 billion, Britain with $153.6 billion, and Japan with $108.7 billion.

Germany came next with $92.3 billion, trailed by France with $77.3 billion, India with $51.5 billion, Canada with $39.2 billion, and Spain with $32.9 billion.

South Korea and Australia to strengthen cooperation in the field of e-commerce

The two countries pledged to exchange related information and expand joint ventures with the aim of exploring new business opportunities in the digital sector and assisting in the digital transition of their industries.

Australia is a leading country in the field of setting global rules on digital commerce, and it participates in the organization of negotiations on electronic commerce between member states of the World Trade Organization, which is 2009 set out to set transaction rules in line with existing frameworks.

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